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This year, for the 17th time, you can meet eager animation filmmakers, educators and animation fans at the four-day international festival of audiovisual works by filmmakers under 26. This year Festival Animánie will take place at the Moving Station cultural centre in Pilsen from 16 to 19 November.

The theme of this year's festival is FILM LABORATORY. In addition to new blockbusters, the programme will also include a number of classics of Czechoslovak cinema.

Traditionally, the festival will present competitive films by individuals and school groups in Czechoslovak and foreign categories. In total, we will offer 155 short films.

In addition to film screenings, this year's programme will also offer animation workshops led by professionals and experienced lecturers, discussions with the jury in an informal setting for filmmakers and viewers, and a game section.

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Animánie z.s.

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