Film competition

The international Festival Animánie is the largest and oldest competitive showcase of audiovisual works by children and young people up to 26 years of age. The competition traditionally attracts short animated films from all around the world, and the dramaturgical board has selected a total of 155 films from several hundreds of entries.

The selected animated films will compete in three categories according to the age of their creators: the MINI ( under 13 years old), MIDI (14-19 years old) and MAXI (20-26 years old). The winners will be decided by an international jury, which will award the festival's Animánička Award in each category.

Starting this year, we have also decided to award the extraordinary Honza Příhoda Award as a tribute to the former long-time festival director.

Film competition


Radek Beran

Radek Beran

He was fascinated by puppets and cartoon characters since childhood. He graduated from KALD DAMU. In 1991 he found the Buchty a loutky ensemble in Cheb. Over the years, this ensemble has become an integral part of the Czech puppetry scene. He began to develop his fondness for puppet films in the second half of the 1990s, when he collaborated on the Gumáci project. As a puppeteer or actor, he collaborated on the films The Adventures of Pinocchio (1996), Caleidoscope (1996), The Lullaby (a: D. Beranová, r: D. Beranová, 1997) and The Old Year's Hour (1997). As a puppeteer, he also participated in the filming of the feature-length puppet film by the Danish director Anders Rønnow-Klarlund Strings in Lars von Trier's Zentropa studios in Copenhagen (2003), and in 2009 in the Czech puppet film by director Jan Svěrák Kuky se vrací (2010). The first film Beran made with his colleagues from Buchty a loutky as a director was Chcípáci (2006). In 2015, he successfully presented his first feature-length puppet film The Little Man. He is preparing the sequel to his feature debut, The Little Man 2, and an animated version of the hit film The Proud Princess.

Anna Mastníková

Anna Mastníková

Illustrator and animator focusing mainly on classical cartoon and puppet animation. She also produces animation puppets and original toys. As a lecturer for, she runs classical animation workshops for children and adults. Under the brand Stellion she creates brooches based on her drawings. When the position of the stars is right in relation to the universe, she becomes a tireless dancer under any glowing disco ball to the rhythm of classic disco or anything jumpy. Water is a big theme for her lately. She's not a champion swimmer, but she's great at bathing. Bathing and enjoying the surroundings... especially the other bathers, and hence the inspiration for her creations of mermaids, sirens, sailors, and all those pretty bodies. Humans and their interactions with each other are the focus of her private quest for the immortality of the Maybug.

Stef Deneer

Stef Deneer

Stef Deneer is an animator, illustrator and founder of studio REKKER, an animation film studio for children and teenagers based in Belgium. He has been supervising animation film projects for young people for the past 15+ years, converting their crazy ideas into stop motion films that are enjoyed by a wide audience and have received several International awards & accolades. Stef is also the designer of the interactive installations that are used by studio REKKER to introduce children to animation film at events and film festivals.

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