Animation From Scratch I: Stop-Motion On the Floor

Small hall
180 min
Animation From Scratch I: Stop-Motion On the Floor

Lecturer: Robin Mrázek

We'll make you a better animator! In our animation workshop, you will learn low-budget, professional animation techniques that you will use in your work.

Can you fly like an airplane, perform incredible tricks on a skateboard, or swim in the underwater depths without a wetsuit? Can't you? Then come and learn how! We'll demonstrate the technique of pixilation (or stop motion with the human figure) on the floor and you'll see that you just need to change the point of view.

Robin Mrázek, a student of Animation and Interactive Art at the FDU ZČU in Pilsen and an Animánie lecturer, will teach you how to animate with your own body.

Type: walk-through

Recommended age: all ages
Entry: free

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